Hello, I’m Gin or Ginnie if your prefer, and if you’re a relative, then I’m Virginia.

Soon to be 60 (see 60newthings.wordpress.com), Former nurse, a martial art school owner for 20 years, who’s been a student of the arts for 32 years and currently training for a 7th dan (degree). I’ve blogged on and off — more off lately, as life has become busier or I’ve become lazier. I believe it’s somewhere in between…

My other blog is Thoughtsfromtherun.wordpress.com, that blog was exactly that; my thoughts from  my runs. However as the years are mounting my running has become walks, hikes, elliptical and treadmill training. I still run but not often or long enough for any cohesive thoughts to blog about.

This new adventure will be about the thoughts that chase me and the thoughts I chase… Some will be spiritual while others may be about training in martial arts or baking or my bipolar cat or the world as I see it or how I’d like to see it…