No, it never occurred to me!

Did you ever read something and felt like you got hit in the head by a two by four? That’s what I felt like after I read the following Note from the Universe in my Love Your Life in 30 Days Workbook.

” Has it ever occurred to you that you could ask for more? Not just more than you now have, but more than you‘re now asking for? “

I actually read that and responded out loud, ” No, it never occurred to me!” Am I the only person who never realized this? Does anyone feel like me? Why hasn’t this occurred to me before? Was it my upbringing, my birth order (first child), my personality type (ENFJ) (see Myers Briggs), perhaps I always felt like I had enough, and to ask for more would be selfish.

I don’t even know why this is bothering me?

It seems I’ve always thought to make sure everyone else had what they want first. I would take what was left over. Funny I’m always willing to do more work, and ask if there is more work to be done.

If this insight is the only one I get from Mike Dooley and Hope Koppelman’s program then it was well worth the time, money and effort. This one insight has propelled me into new horizons — Just in time for my upcoming 60th birthday! Time to start asking the universe for MORE! Heck even if I just collect on the interest off my work! I’ll be set…

All kidding aside, check it out The work book is available on Amazon or go to and at least sign up for Notes from the Universe.









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