Random observations…

Today according to my Insight Timer I meditated with over 5,000 people — Score one for technology…

Wondering why so many people are purchasing live Christmas Trees to put up four weeks before Christmas, will they survive till Christmas?

What makes my car so appealing to birds to crap on it?

The gym is a great place to observe what makes people tick; fashionistas go to model new outfits, Muscle-Heads love to flex in the mirror, friends gossip more than work out, seniors walk the treadmil or ride the stationary bike watching Fox News, couples fall into he knows everything and she cleans the equipment, and everyone else looks like the either love or hate working out…

Even though I give to multiple charities personally and through my business, I still feel like a bitch when I say not today at the register when asked for a donation, (which I’ve already contributed to).

Less daylight gives me a sense of urgency to get outside, like Nature will close at 4pm…

Grocery stores on Sundays are the worst thing about Sundays…

Wish I had a Whoopie Pie,



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