What are you grateful for? Family, friends, possessions? My lesson to my students this week was to be grateful for their uniqueness, their special gifts. In this cookie cutter society where everyone looks to fit in by being like everyone else. We are losing our own identity. We need to wear logos and fit in. Even if fitting in means we ignore our hearts desire.

I often think how I would be if I never realized my passion for teaching leaving a nursing career to open a martial arts school. Going against the advice from well-meaning family and friends, leaving a sure thing for the unknown. Especially turning 40 and being female in a predominantly male profession.

I don’t think I’d be as healthy or as fulfilled. I did enjoy nursing but I wasn’t passionet about it. In fact I wasn’t passionet about anything until I started training in martial arts, and after I assisted with teaching, I discovered my purpose.

Which is why I had my students sit in quiet reflection, expressing gratitude for their unique gifts, there may be a future poet, actor, nurse and yes teacher among them. We must encourage children not to be ashamed of being different but to celebrate being different. We do that by sharing our gifts, and appreciating ourselves…

You can’t give from an empty heart…

Thank you for reading this 1st post, chase your dream, think about it…





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